The 2018 edition of Jazz & Beyond will be Aug. 3-19, 2018.  The first meeting of the Planning Committee is on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. at the Carson City Chamber of Commerce meeting room.

Here is some information about last year’s festival:

Enjoy the 2017 edition of Jazz & Beyond.  This year’s events run from Friday, Aug. 4, through Monday, Aug. 21, 2017.  Be sure to mark your calendars.  The summer sizzles as Mile High Jazz Band Assoc., Carson City, local businesses, and jazz lovers proudly continue the annual August jazz festival started in 2004.

If you are searching for events from a smart phone, we suggest that you go to the Events menu at the top of the page.  The best way to get an overview of events is to make sure you select the “View as Month” option.  To select events in August, enter “8/2017” in the “Events in” field.  You can also select performances from the Performers page or menu.

We are constantly updating this site with information as it changes.  Come back for updates.


Multiple Venues

For 2017, we plan to feature outstanding regional jazz artists who will play for you in venues such as Bob McFadden Plaza (Third Street Stage), Silver Saddle Ranch, the State Railroad Museum, the Saturday Morning Farmers Market, Comma Courtyard, Comma Coffee, the Brewery Arts Center, Carson Mall, the Legislative Plaza, Bliss Mansion, Living the Good Life, and more.  Most events will be free.

Recent Media Releases for Jazz & Beyond

David Bugli providing a festival overview.

July 27, 2017 – (Click on date for video) David Bugli interviewed by Kyle Horvath, an overview of the festival

Tom Stryker, interviewed by Cortney Bloomer.

July 28, 2017 – (Click on date for video) Tom Stryker interviewed by Cortney Bloomer concerning Hohner Harmonica Roadshow

July 25, 2017 – Media release announcing Art on the Porch at the Bliss Mansion (Aug. 4)

June 6, 2017 – Media release announcing winner of poster art contest

Feb. 24, 2017 – Media release announcing major events for Jazz & Beyond 2017 (Aug. 4-21)

Old Media Releases for Jazz & Beyond

Aug. 3, 2016 – Media release announcing first week of Jazz & Beyond 2016 (Aug. 5-21)

Aug. 1, 2016 – Media release announcing “Art on the Porch” at Bliss Mansion on Aug. 5

Over 100 Musicians

In 2017 we will be presenting or featuring more than 100 musicians in 45 or more events.  Performers and events included Batamba Collective (Percussion Ensemble), CW Bayer & Dr. Spitmore, Carolyn Dolan, Frisson, Eagle Wings Pageant Dance Group, Jakki Ford (presented by Greenhouse Garden Center), Todd Green, Hohner Road Show (featuring Ronnie Shellist), Randy Ide (presented by Greenhouse Garden Center), Impromptu (Tom Stryker), Lake Effect, Lucky Diamond & the Gents of Jive, Mentally Spent (presented by The Fox Brewpub), Mile High Jazz Band, Millennium Bugs, Musicole (presented by The Fox Brewpub), New West Guitar Group, The Red Tango, Reno Jazz Orchestra, Rocky & Judith, RoseBud’s Dance Band, Colin Ross, Sagebrush Rebels Band, Ronnie Shellist Blues Band, Sierra Sweethearts, Alex “Muddy” Smith, Sneaky Creatures, STRAZZ, Take This (featuring Cherie and John Shipley), and Urban Renewal Project.  In addition, as part of the Brewery Arts Center’s Levitt AMP series, Whitido, Thee Commons, Mo’z Motley Blues, and Marla Brown will perform during the festival period!  There will also be the Jukebox International Film Festival, sponsored by Wired Wednesday, on Aug. 15 and 16.

The Best 2015!


Jazz & Beyond: Carson City Music Festival
August 4-21, 2017

This year the festival ends on
Count Basie’s 113th birthday
with a performance by the

Mile High Jazz Band

on McFadden Plaza

Most Events Are Free

Did We Say FREE?


HOW: How can we present such an exciting festival with most events free?

By harnessing the energy and resources of our great community! Sponsors include Nevada Arts Council, Carson City, For the Love of Jazz, My Inc Media Agency, and private donors.